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1LT:   First Lieutenant (O-2 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps)

1SG:  First Sergeant (E-8 in Army and Marines)


2LT:   Second Lieutenant (O-1 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps)


ACR:  Armored Cavalry Regiment

ACCB:  Air Cavalry Combat Brigade

ADM:  Admiral (O-10 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard)

ADP:  Automated Data Processing

AG:   Adjutant General

AME:  Airspace Management Element

AO:   Administrative Officer

APC:  Armored Personnel Carrier

ARTEP:  Army Readiness Training Evaluation Program

ASH:  Assistant Secretary for Health

ASL:  Authorized Stockage List

ASP:  Ammunition Supply Point

AST:  Atlantic Standard Time

AT:   Annual Training

ATP:  Ammunition Transfer Point, Ambulance Turnaround Point

AXP:  Ambulance Exchange Point


BAI:   Battlefield Air Interdiction

BAS:  Battalion Aid Station

BBL:  Barrels

BDE:  Brigade

BG:   Brigadier General (O-7 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps)

BN:   Battalion

BSA:  Brigade Support Area

BX:   Base Exchange


C-5:   Galaxy airplane 

C-130:   Hercules airplane 

C-141:  Starlifter airplane 

CAPT:  Captain (O-6 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

CB:   Citizens Band

CEOI:   Communications Electronics Operating Instructions

CDR:    Commander (O-5 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

CFL:  Coordinated Fire Line

CH-47:   Chinook helicopter 

CIC:   Content Indicator Code

CLK:   Container Lift Kit 

CO:   Commanding Officer

COL:   Colonel (O-6 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) 

COMINT:   Communication Intelligence

CONUS:    Continental United States 

COSCOM:   Corps Support Command

CP:   Command Post

CPL:    Corporal (E-4 in Army and Marine Corps) 

CPT:    Captain (O-3 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) 

CSM:  Command Sergeant Major (E-9 in Army) 

CSR:   Controlled Supply Rate

CSS:   Combat Service Support

CTOC:   Corps Tactical Operations Center


DAO:   Division Ammunition Officer

DASH:   Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health

DCP:   Division of Commissioned Personnel

DF:   Disposition Form

DHHS:    Department of Health and Human Services 

DISCOM:   Division Support Command

DIV:   Division 

DIVARTY:    Division Artillery 

DMCC:   Division Movement Control Center

DMMC:   Division Material Management Center

DMMO:  Division Material Management Officer

DMOC:    Division Medical Operations Center 

DMSO:    Division Medical Supply Officer 

DOD:   Department of Defense

DOS:   Day of Supply

DSA:   Division Support Area

DS:   Direct Support

DSN:    Defense Switched Network (military phone system) 

DTO:   Division Transportation Officer


EDRE: Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise

ELINT: Electronic Intelligence

ENS        Ensign (O-1 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

EOC: Emergency Operations Center

ESF:        Emergency Support Function

EST:        Emergency Support Team

ETA        Estimated Time of Arrival 

ETD        Estimated Time of Departure 

EW:        Electronic Warfare

EXTAL: Extra Time Allowance


FARP: Forward Area Rearm/Refuel Point

FASCO: Forward Area Support Coordinator

FAST: Forward Area Support Team

FCL: Final Coordination Line

FEBA: Forward Edge Of The Battle Area

FEA: Free Fire Area

FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency

FIST: Fire Support Team

FLOT: Forward Line Of Own Troops

FM:        Frequency Modulation

FPF:        Final Protective Fire

FPL:        Final Protective Line

FRAGO: Fragmentary Order

FSB:        Forward Support Battalion

FSCL: Fire Support Coordination Line

FSCOORD: Fire Support Coordinator

FSE:        Fire Support Element

FSOP: Field Standing Operating Procedures

FTX: Field Training Exercise


G codes: Army staff at DIV or higher level 

G1       Personnel 

G2       Intelligence 

G3       Training/Operation 

G4       Supply/Logistics 

G5       Civil Affairs 

GEN General (O-10 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) 

GMT: Greenwich Mean Time

GRREG: Graves Registration

GSO: General Supply Officer

GSA        General Services Administration 

GSR: General Support Reinforcing, Ground Surveillance Radio


HET: Heavy Equipment Transporter

HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company 

HSI        Heaviest Single Item 

HSO Health Services Officer 

HSSO      Health Services Support Officer 

HQ        Headquarters 


ID(L)      Light Infantry Division 

ICS:       Incident Command System

ISIC       Immediate Senior In Command 


J codes:   Joint Staff Positions 

J1       Personnel 

J2       Intelligence 

J3       Training/Operation 

J4       Supply/Logistics 

J5       Civil Affairs 

JAG       Judge Advocate General 


KMIH: Kilometers In The Hour

KPH: Kilometers Per Hour


LBE       Load-Bearing Equipment 

LC:       Line of Contact

LD:        Line of Departure

LID        Infantry Division (Light) (See ID(L)) 

LMF: Language Media Format

LO:        Logistics Officer

LOC: Lines of Communication

LP:        Listening Post

LRSU: Long Range Surveillance Unit 

LSI        Largest Single Item 

LT        Lieutenant (O-3 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

LTC        Lieutenant Colonel (O-5 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) 

LTG        Lieutenant General (O-9 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) 

LTJG Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

LTON: Long Ton


MAJ        Major (O-4 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) 

MB:        Medical Battalion

MBA: Main Battle Area

MCC: Movement Control Center

MCO: Movement Control Officer

MCX Marine Corps Exchange 

MDARNG Maryland Army National Guard 

MEDSOM: Medical Supply, Optical, and Maintenance Unit

MG Major General (O-8 in Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) 

MH        Mental Health 

MIH: Miles In The Hour

MMC: Material Management Center

MOPP: Mission-Oriented Protective Posture

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty

MOUT: Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain

MRO: Material Release Order

MSB: Main Support Battalion

MSC: Medical Service Corps

MSD: Minimum Safe Distance

MSG Master Sergeant (E-8 in Army and Marine Corps) 

MSR: Main Supply Route

MSU: Medical Support Unit

MTF Medical Treatment Facility 

MWR Morale, Welfare, and Recreation 


NBC: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare

NCOIC Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge 

NDMS: National Disaster Medical System

NET        Not Earlier Than 

NIH        National Institutes of Health 

NLT        Not Later Than 

NNMC National Naval Medical Center 


OASH: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

OCONUS Outside the Continental United States 

OEP: Office of Emergency Preparedness

ODT Overseas Deployment Training 

OH-58 Kiowa helicopter 

OIC        Officer In Charge 

OP:        Observation Post

OPSEC: Operational Security

OPORD: Operations Order

OPS: Operations Officer

OSA Operational Support Airlift 


PAX        Passengers 

PDF: Primary Direction Of Fire

PFC        Private First Class (E-3 in Army)

PHS: Public Health Service

PL:        Phase Line

PLA: Plain Language Addressee

PLL:        Prescribed Load List

PLS        Palletized Load System

PM        Preventive Medicine, Preventive Maintenance

PMCS: Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services

POL: Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants

POV Privately Owned Vehicle

PP:        Passage Point

PSYOPS: Psychological Operations

PT        Physical Training 

PUJC Priority, Urgency, Justification, and Category 

PV1        Private (E-1 in Army and Marine Corps -- no insignia) 

PV2        Private (E-2 in Army and Marine Corps -- one stripe) 

PX        Post Exchange 



R:        Reinforcing

RACO: Rear Area Combat Operations

RADM (LH) Rear Admiral-Lower Half (O-7 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

RADM (UH) Rear Admiral-Upper Half (O-8 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

RDF: Radio Direction Finding

RFA: Restrictive Fire Area

RFL:        Restrictive Fire Line

ROMADS: Radio Operators and Drivers

RP:        Release Point

RSR: Required Supply Rate


S codes: Army staff at BDE and BN levels 

S1        Personnel 

S2        Intelligence 

S3        Training/Operation 

S4        Supply/Logistics 

S5        Civil Affairs 

SALUTE: Size, Activity, Location, Unit/Uniform, Time, Equipment

SB:        Support Battalion

SCORE: Scenario-Oriented Recurring Evaluation System

SEAD: Suppression Of Enemy Air Defense

SFC        Sergeant First Class (E-7 in Army) 

SG:        Surgeon General

SGM Sergeant Major (E-9 in Army and Marine Corps) 

SGT        Sergeant (E-5 in Army and Marine Corps) 

SHD: Special Handling Designator

SIGINT: Signal Intelligence

SIGSEC: Signal Security

SLAR: Side-Looking Airborne Radar

SOP: Standard Operating Procedures

SP:        Strongpoint; Startpoint

SPECAT: Special Category

SQT: Skill Qualification Test

SSG        Staff Sergeant (E-6 in Army and Marine Corps) 

STON: Short Ton


TACC: Tactical Air Control Center

TACE: Tactical Air Coordination Element

TACP: Tactical Air Control Party 

TACCP: Tactical Command Post

TACS: Tactical Air Control System

TDIS: Time Distance

TELINT: Telemetry Intelligence

TOC: Tactical Operations Center

TOE: Table of Organization and Equipment

TOT: Time On Target

TRP:        Target Reference Point

TSO: Technical Supply Officer


UH-1 Iroquois helicopter (Huey) 

UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter 

UIC        Unit Identification Code 

USUHS Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences 


VA        Department of Veterans Affairs 

VADM Vice Admiral (O-9 in PHS, Navy, Coast Guard) 

VPKM: Vehicles Per Kilometer

VPM: Vehicles Per Mile


WSM: Weapon Systems Manager

WSRO: Weapon Systems Replacement Operations


XO         Executive Officer



ZULU (time) Local time 

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