The following list is for each member to use when preparing for deployment. 

This list is devised so that all deployed team members are self-sufficient and able to care for themselves. 

The two bags to be utilized are a large MAIN BAG for palletization which will probably not be available in transit or maybe even days. This bag needs to be rugged and smart in design with a capacity of 4500 cubic inches or better.
The second bag is a smaller READY BAG to carry items needed in flight. The Ready Bag is your carry-on with personal items. 
Remember your Ready Bag must meet commercial air carriers requirements for overhead bins if flying. Most members use a backpack.
Make sure your name is on both bags.

The Main Flight bags must weight less than 50 pounds if flying Commercial.
* You may carry a total of 3 bags - 2 at 50 lbs each (100 lbs total) and one carry-on.

Please use the following list as a guide. It will take a deployment or two before you know what to carry.

                                             MAIN FLIGHT BAG   "72-hour Pack"


BDU's long Trousers - Navy 1-6 pair
BDU long sleeve shirt - Navy 1-2 each
BDU shorts - Navy 1-2 pair
Tee's Team or 2-4 each
Polo Team  1-6 each
Boots black 1 pair
Tennis shoes 1 pair
Shower shoes  1 pair
Bandanna 1-2 each
Underwear 3-6 plus
Socks  3-6 plus
Swimwear 1
Camp clothes PRN

                                                         Cold Weather - additional

Long johns - polypro's 2-3 each
Wool sweater 1 each
Down Jackets/Coats (polar guard) 1 each
Gloves or Mittens  1-2 pair
Wool socks 1-2 pair
Cold weather boots 1 pair


                                                                         COOKING and FOOD                                                      SLEEPING

Knife, spoon and fork set Sleeping bag (+15 degrees)
36 hours of rations/MRE's Foam pad
Cup Ground cloth
High energy snacks Pillow - inflatable


Head lamp (2nd light source) Towels, wash cloth
Extra batteries/bulbs Hand mirror
Matches in water proof container 550/P cord 50'
Face mask/Dust mask  Large Trash bags
Goggles/safety glasses  Nail clippers etc..
Tape, safety pens, sewing kit


                                              READY BAG   "24-hour Pack"


HAT - Ball Cap/Boonie 1 each
Rain Gear 1 set
Bandanna 1 each
BDU * Consider carrying one pair of BDU pants and Tee shirt in a zip lock bag. Socks and Underwear - in zip lock bag.

                                                            MUST HAVE

NDMS ID and Drivers license
Money and Credit Cards
Passport or Birth Certificate - (Out of Country)
Emergency Phone numbers

                                                                            PERSONAL PROTECTION

Eye protection 1 set
Ear plugs 1-2 sets
Leather work gloves 1-2 sets
Flash Light/s 1-2 each
Knife (blade < 5")  1 each
* Personal first-aid kit  1 each

                                                                             PERSONAL GEAR

Razor/blades Shaving cream Toothbrush/paste Sunscreen
Toilet Paper - small roll  Personal hygiene Insect repellent Shampoo
Bar soap  Comb/brush Deodorant Hand lotion
Handiwipes Eye Wash - Visine Lip balm Detergent (clothing)
Medications 14 day supply Foot Care - moleskin, powder
Glasses and Sun glasses Kleenex tissues Dog Tags

                                                                             MEDICAL EQUIPMENT

Stethoscope 1 each
Trauma Shears  1 pair
Bandage Shears 1 pair
Pen light  1 each
Pens 5-6 each
Note Pads 1-2 each
Gloves Several

                                                           *Personal first-aid kit

                                                               Every member should carry a personal first-aid kit in the left cargo pocket of 
                                                               there BDU's. Your items will fit nicely in a small zip lock bag and should include:


Band-aids 12ea
2"x 2" or 3"x 3" gauze 6ea.
Betadine pads 6ea
Moleskin 1ea
Small Roll of gauge 1ea.
Triangular bandage 1-2ea.
Antibiotic ointment  4ea.


                                                                    DO NOT CARRY THE FOLLOWING: Please check with TSA before flying
                                                                      Prohibited Items

Explosives Compressed gas Radioactive material
Flammable Liquid or solid Oxidizers Corrosives
Poison Infectious substance Magnetized material
Knifes w/ blades >4" Guns Ammunition
Aerial flares Smoke signals Mase
Pepper spray propane/Stove fuel Aerosols
CO2 cartridges Thermometers(mercury) Lighter Fluid
Wet batteries Smoke detectors Expensive jewelry
Perishable foods Curling irons/Hot rollers Alcoholic Beverages
Drugs (illegal)