Assistance Team?  What is TX-4 DMAT?

A DMAT is a group of professionals and para-professional medical personnel (supported by a cadre of logistical and administrative staff) designed to provide emergency medical care during a disaster or other unusual event.

A DMAT deploys to a disaster site with sufficient supplies and equipment to sustain the team for a period of 72 hours while providing medical care at a fixed or temporary medical care site. In a mass casualty incident, DMAT responsibilities include triaging of patients, providing austere medical care, and preparing patients for evacuation.

In other types of situations, a DMAT may provide primary health care and/or may serve to augment overloaded local health care staffs. Under the rare circumstance that disaster victims are evacuated to a different locale to receive definitive medical care, DMATs may be activated to support patient reception and disposition of patients to hospitals.

A DMAT is designed to be a rapid-response element to supplement local medical care until other Federal or contract resources can be mobilized, or the situation is resolved.

In addition to the general purpose of DMATs, there are some specialized DMATs in existence or under development, including burn, surgical, mental health, pediatrics, and disaster mortuary teams (DMORTs).

Because DMAT members are appointed as Federal employees, and part of the National Diasater Medical System (NDMS) potential problems of licensure and certification are avoided, particularly where teams are moved across state lines. Additionally, DMAT members have the protection of the Federal Tort Claims Act in which the Federal Government becomes the defendant in the event of a malpractice claim, and DMAT members are fully compensated for their service. Members are required to maintain appropriate certifications and licensure within their discipline(s).

The National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) uses individuals with specific expertise and experience within a wide range of professions.  A person with a background in the medical and health services, emergency management, or forensic sciences, could fill vacant positions on the Texas-4  response team within NDMS.

Please be aware, that Texas-4 DMAT and NDMS response team has a defined team structure comprised of a predetermined number of authorized positions. Each response team position has pre-requisite training requirements that must be met before an individual can apply. If accepted, the person would become an intermittent Federal employee upon being deployed on a mission.